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I relinquished my tampon virginity today because I didn’t like not being in the know. And mostly because I was nearly 19 and I thought I should.

So I woke this morning and watched 3 youtube videos on how to use a tampon, since the last time I was taught had been in fifth grade health class. In all, it was pretty easy until it came to extracting it…and so in the end I yanked it out, which lead me to reconsider whether this was the least messier choice.

And after this, I was still riddle with the question on how to dispose of it (I really didn’t  trust it wouldn’t clog up my toilet). So I asked my little sister (who is 14) because she’s real smart and seems to yield a perpetual amount of knowledge,  and who then replied; “I don’t know, mommy doesn’t let me use them.” 

[May not try this again until several months later]
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