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re: free bleeding

so, a long time ago when i was eighteen, i realized i liked girls when i met this amazing little punk kid person and instantly had this huge crush.  anyway one of the things i was really into, although it surprised me to be into it, was that this person did not use any period products and just kind of bled into his boxer briefs and camo shorts.  it is interesting to note that much later, after we did not know each other anymore, i learned from a mutual friend that he came to identify as trans, so perhaps (although i have no idea, it’s just a guess) not dealing with periods had something to do with his gender/body identity.  but at the time, when he was identifying as a dyke, ”not dealing with” it just seemed like an awesome choice to me, in that i hadn’t thought of it AS a choice before.  we ended up being involved at one point and i was also kind of into having sex when he was bleeding, when it accidentally happenned once or twice.  i was attracted to his queer masculinity and to this free/tough/vulnerable vibe he had that was so different from mine, and the blood somehow just added to all that.  i have had all kinds of body issues over the years, and irregular crazy-inducing horrible cycles, but periods themselves have never felt gross or dirty or whatever in me or anyone else.  and i like that they can be this neat thing, a way that different kinds of queerness or masculinity or feminity or embodiment get expressed, at the same time that they are a shared experience.

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